Top Buying Tips For Restaurant Supplies

restaurant kitchenYou are about to open up an eatery. You have all your plans lined up. You have checked off everything on your list, everything accept buying your kitchen supplies. Well before you head to the store you might want to read over this article.

I have some helpful suggestions and tips that you should keep in mind. Buying kitchen supplies like commercial ice machines might not be as easy as you think it is. This is why I am here to help. I don’t want to see you making the same mistakes I see so many others making.


This is not just a recommendation, this falls under a health code concern. Most commercial kitchens require the use of commercial-grade equipment. It’s easier to clean up.It’s more durable. It’s able to withstand lots of stormy weather.

Every kitchen has it’s fair share of storms. This is why you need to be prepared. This might cost you a bit more than the traditional equipment, but it will save you lots of frustration later. Commercial-grade equipment will not breakdown on you as fast as the traditional stuff.


Lots of people in this situation tend to buy cheap. This is what people do. This is also what leads people to spend more than they have. What you need to do is buy new. Buying new will save you lots of money and time.

The older equipment might be cheaper, but they will also break down faster. You might have to put more money into the repairs than they are worth. Buy new. The equipment will last longer. It’s also backed by a warranty. The used equipment does not have the warranty behind it.


This is another thing you need to consider. Price plays a big role in this. You need to look at the bigger picture though. It might be tempting to buy a low priced mixer, but what is the quality like. Not all lower costing items are good quality. Do some investigating into the materials before you buy.


budgetWhen you are opening up your place it’s an exciting time. Some prefer to have the “spare no expense” attitude. This sounds good on paper, but it’s the wrong approach. You have to stay within a budget. Sit down and write a list. Figure out what you need and how much you are willing to spend. Once you write it down you need to stick to it.

Sometimes this easier said than done. Some things look really tempting to spend your money on. If it’s not on your list, then do not buy it. I don’t care how cool certain gadgets look. If you don’t need it, then you don’t need to put out the money for it.


Research is key for your own eatery. Don’t just go on opinions. Do not trust other people and what they have to say. You need to trust your own instincts. If you feel that something is needed, buy it. Do your research though before you buy. Find out for yourself what is consider good quality.

Look into the functions and spec of the individual pieces. Does something fit into your needs? Is it going to become a hassle? How many functions can something perform. It’s best to buy equipment that can do more than one thing. This will help you in times of chaos and times of being really busy.


Always look at the warranty. It’s best to get one that has a few years on it. This way if something breaks, you won’t be held responsible. If a warranty is not included, than you need to find out why. Don’t be afraid to ask why the warranty is not included. Some manufacturers count on customers not asking these questions.

Sometimes the warranty becomes the deciding factor for your purchase. This happens to those who have a hard time choosing between items.

restaurant kitchenINSPECT BEFORE BUYING

This might sound like common sense, but some forget to do this. An inspection is needed on all items, especially the big ticket items. You have to be sure the equipment is going to work before you leave the store.

If it doesn’t, this could also be a deciding factor. Keep your eyes open during the buying process. Leave no stone unturned. This is your place. Making smart choices when buying your equipment shows you are taking charge of it.